Heat Pump Installation and Repair Services Available in Greencastle, Mercersburg, Chambersburg, PA and Surrounding Areas

A popular alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps keep you comfortable while saving you money on energy bills. Our professional heat pump installation and repair services ensure you enjoy the full benefits of these money-saving systems.

Heat Pumps

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Like conventional air conditioners, heat pumps work by using a refrigerant to extract heat from the air and move it elsewhere. As the liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it pulls heat and moisture from the air. How the cooled air gets distributed depends upon the type of heat pump equipment. Ducted systems use a blower to circulate air throughout your home. Ductless systems distribute air directly into designated living spaces using individual air handlers.

Many heat pumps feature a reverse-operation valve that allows them to provide heating as well as cooling. During the winter, they extract heat from outdoor air and condense it until it’s hot enough to warm your home. Because they move heat rather than generate, they’re significantly more energy-efficient than fuel-burning furnaces.

Explore Your Heat Pump Installation Options

Whether you own a centuries-old home or a modern condo, there’s a heat pump sure to meet your needs to perfection. Our contracts with manufacturers like Trane and Mitsubishi allow us to offer heat pumps for every application. For homes with existing ductwork, central-air heat pumps provide an all-season solution to whole-home comfort. They’re efficient, affordable and keep you comfortable all year long.

If your home can’t easily accommodate a ductwork installation, ductless heat pumps offer an appealing option. Individual air handlers connect to an outdoor unit via discreet conduit lines. The only alterations made to your building are small holes drilled behind each air handling unit. Ductless heat pumps are also ideal for single spaces like room additions and converted garages.

Expert Heat Pump Repair

Should your heat pump fail to deliver the kind of performance you expect, call in the pros at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians have mastered all aspects of heat pump repair. As your local HVAC experts, we have the skillset, experience and equipment it takes to resolve problems quickly and accurately. From cooling-only units to dual-purpose systems, we service and repair all types of heat pumps. 

Discover the difference that heat pumps can make to your life in Franklin County, PA. For heat pump repair and installation services that you can trust to keep you comfortable, call us today.

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