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If you’re moving to a new home or you’re due for a system upgrade, this is no time to make snap decisions. There’s more to choosing the right system and properly installing it than you might think.

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The Importance of Proper Sizing

The biggest, most powerful system isn’t necessarily the best for your home or business. If it’s too big, it will short-cycle and never remove all the humidity from the air. If it’s too small, it will continuously try to cool your home by running nonstop.

There are several things to consider when determining how much cooling capacity you need:

  • Square footage
  • How your home is constructed
  • The type and amount of insulation you have
  • The location of your doors and windows
  • The amount of shade around your home
  • The number of occupants or staff members

The Challenges of Proper Installation

HVAC systems are complex, and every home is unique. When it comes to air conditioning installation, even experienced service technicians have their work cut out for them.

The pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units have to be precisely the right length. If they’re too long, the AC will have trouble completing the cooling cycle, and the compressor will wear out. Problems with existing ductwork must be addressed. Refrigerant levels must be carefully checked before the system is operated for the first time; too much refrigerant can blow the whole system. The cabinet housing the outside condenser unit requires at least two feet of clearance on all sides. Otherwise, the air can’t circulate properly, and the unit will waste energy.

AC Installation Done Right

We guarantee to be at your house on time. If we’re going to be late, we will call or text you to let you know. We guarantee our install labor for two years, depending on the system you decide to install. We communicate with you during every step of the process, from the time you call until the service we provide is complete.

Our experienced service technicians at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions are committed to exceeding your expectations. They take pride in quality workmanship and best HVAC practices. They continue to educate themselves and keep up with trends in the industry.

To schedule an AC installation, contact Leckron’s Comfort Solutions today. Our service area includes Greencastle, Mercersburg, Chambersburg, PA and the surrounding areas.

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