Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Service Available in Greencastle, Mercersburg, Chambersburg, PA and Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC systems are remarkably energy efficient, customizable and eco-friendly. At Leckron’s Comfort Solutions, we provide ductless AC services that keep you comfortable year-round.

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Easy to Install and Cost-Effective

Traditional ducted systems are complex. They take time to install, and the process is disruptive. Installing a ductless system hardly interferes with whatever is happening in the home or business that day. The hole size required for mini-split piping is just three inches, so walls, ceilings and square footage are unaffected. Ductless air conditioning, depending on how many units are required, can be installed and fully functional in a day.

Ductless mini-splits are smaller and use less energy than their forced-air counterparts, so overall cost savings are impressive. Duct losses, especially those in unconditioned spaces like attics, account for up to 30 percent of energy consumption.

Practical and Customizable

Another big advantage of ductless air conditioning is the ability to choose independent comfort levels for multiple rooms. Your system will deliver cool air directly to the rooms or zones, where you installed indoor units. Each room has its own thermostat, and the room is air-conditioned only when it’s occupied. A conduit that links the indoor and outdoor units house the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a condensate drain. The compressor regulates refrigerant flow as conditions fluctuate to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

Sleek indoor ductless units are typically mounted high on walls. You can purchase as many as you like. The units require only access to electricity and mounting capability, and remote controls make them easy to operate.

Eco-friendly and Improves Indoor Air Quality

Given its zoning capabilities and compact size, ductless AC greatly exceeds the U.S. government’s minimum efficiency standards. Greater efficiency not only saves you money, but it shrinks your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly chemistry also plays a role. Mini-splits use a refrigerant called R410A, which has a high potential for zero ozone depletion.

You can even breathe easier with ductless AC. Several studies have shown that indoor air is sometimes more polluted than outdoor air. Traditional ducted systems don’t always capture all the dust particles and allergens that cause respiratory problems. Ductwork tends to separate and develop cracks, especially if it was installed incorrectly or has been poorly maintained. Ductless ACs have multi-stage filtration that can reduce particulates.

To learn more about our ductless AC installation services, call Leckron’s Comfort Solutions today.

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