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Why Is Cool Air Coming From My Furnace in Mont Alto, PA?

October 26, 2022

A furnace blowing cold air means everyone in your Mont Alto, PA, home is likely shivering and bundled up. Knowing the potential causes can help prevent this stressful situation from occurring again. Here are some possible reasons cool air is coming from your furnace.

Restricted Airflow

The air filter in the furnace filters the incoming air and removes dust and other contaminants like dirt and grime. However, when these particles clog the filter, they prevent air from flowing freely.

This causes the system to work harder and longer to properly heat the indoor space. Consequently, it could start overheating and blowing cold air. Other factors that indicate dirty air filters include long heating cycles.

Low Gas Supply

A gas supply issue could also cause a gas heating system to blow cool air. Manufacturers design this system to deactivate or automatically switch off when it fails to receive adequate fuel to complete the standard heating process.

Damaged Ductwork

Ducts with holes and cracks may be the reason behind the furnace blowing cool air. These openings, whether large or small, allow cold air to enter the air ducts, which means warm air in it leaks out before it reaches the vents.

If this seems like it might be the issue, our professionals can seal or replace the ducts so warm air can pass through and sufficiently heat the home.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

A thermostat is an important part of the furnace because it initiates the heating cycle. During the “on” mode, it runs continuously without heating the air. Switching the setting to “auto” allows it to operate its normal heating process and supply adequate heat to the home.

Keeping your furnace in shape helps prevent unexpected problems, like blowing cold air. Call our service experts at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions for furnace repair services.

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