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Troubleshooting Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Marion, PA

March 10, 2021

Mini-split systems are efficient and allow zoning, making them a worthy investment for your Marion, PA, home. However, like every other appliance, they experience technical difficulties that hinder operation. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you set back your mini-split unit to fully functioning.

Check the Outdoor Unit

A mini-split system contains an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. If your system is experiencing trouble, consider checking the condition of the outdoor unit. The outdoor units may contain dirt and debris that cause insufficient airflow or coolant leaks. Additionally, it may have ice buildup during summer, which is a serious issue.

Such issues affect the efficiency of the outdoor unit, which affects the functioning of the whole system. When such problems happen, contact your HVAC system specialist for inspections and repairs.

Check the Drain Line

Regular cleaning of your mini-split’s drain line prevents buildup that causes damage. If your system has technical problems, the drain line could be the problem and needs cleaning. In some cases, a damaged or kinked drain line causes leakage, damaging the unit.

HVAC experts recommend cleaning the drain line a couple of times annually. If you notice that your system doesn’t drain or has leaks, contact a professional technician for maintenance.

Check the Power

If your system completely fails to turn on, the problem could be your home’s electric power connectivity. Start by checking the circuit breaker and the unit’s cords to ensure the system is well-connected. Also, check that your remote has batteries.

If the system still doesn’t work, it may have other connectivity problems, which means it’s time to contact a professional technician. Handling an electrical system by yourself poses threats such as fire or electrocution.

Dirty Vents or Air Filters

Dust and dirt get pulled into your cooling unit each time the system draws air from outside. With time, the dust may build up inside the vents or clog the filters. The buildup of dirt and dust reduces efficiency and may hasten wear and tear on parts, which leads to a breakdown.

Start by shining a flashlight into the vents and checking for any buildup. If you see clogs, you should call your HVAC system contractor for inspections and cleaning.

If you have issues with your mini-split system, contact our team of experienced technicians at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions. We promise uninterrupted comfort with top-of-the-line services to your unit.

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