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Signs Your Heat Pump’s Compressor Is Faulty in Marion, PA

March 24, 2022

A heat pump compressor can fail at any time, causing your unit to overheat. It’s important to know the signs of impending compressor failure to prevent such an expensive, inconvenient, and potentially dangerous problem. Read along to learn about three signs that your heat pump compressor in Marion, PA will show when it’s faulty.

The Heat Pump Is Making Noises

Are you hearing strange screeching noises coming from your heat pump? If so, your compressor’s bearings may be wearing out. Schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible. HVAC professionals can identify potential compressor issues early on and recommend ways to prolong the component’s lifespan.

If you hear a rattling or rumbling noise while your heat pump is running, that can be either something minor or a sign of failure. Work with your HVAC professional to identify the source of the sound and develop a plan to fix it.

The AC Is Slow to Reach the Desired Temperature

If your air conditioner starts taking longer than usual to cool your home, it could be a sign that the heat pump’s compressor needs replacement. If the system takes too long to reach a comfortable temperature, contact an HVAC technician to conduct diagnostic tests and replace any problematic parts.

You Need Frequent Repairs

Over time, your heat pump compressor may wear out and need repairs. However, if you notice your unit breaking down more often than normal, it could be a sign that your compressor is failing. Some units alert you when they’re close to failure through warning signs on the machine.

Identifying any of these signs early might give your heat pump’s compressor an extended lifespan. Contact us at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions in Marion, PA, for your heat pump installation and repair needs.

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