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Do You Smell Trouble Coming from Your Heat Pump in Greencastle, PA?

December 9, 2021

Is it normal to smell odors now and then if you’ve got a heat pump? This question arises often, especially when going through the annual heating maintenance checklist. Here we will talk about some common heat pump odors in Greencastle, PA, homes, and their meaning.

1. Rotten-Egg Smell

If you detect a sulfur-like smell from your heating system, there is a problem. Unlike gas furnaces, heat pumps do not burn fuel and cannot leak natural gas. A rotten-egg smell in heat pumps often means that there is a dead animal in the system.

While this is unpleasant to smell, this problem isn’t dangerous. Usually, the animal crawled into the heating system in search of warmth and ended up dead. To remove the odor, a technician will clean your ducts and removes the dead animal.

2. Musty Smell

A musty smell in a heat pump system is a potential indicator of allergens. The odor is a warning sign that your heat pump has bacteria. Heat pumps have a conducive environment for microorganism growth due to their favorable temperatures and condensation on the evaporator coils.

Do not ignore the musty smell. If left unattended, bacteria can compromise your indoor air quality and cause health problems. Have a professional technician clean your heat pump.

3. A Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your heating system is due to some malfunctioning part of the system. Most often, the smell means that the compressor wire is burning or a failing motor. While the rest of the odors do not pose an imminent danger, a burning smell is a fire hazard.

If you smell a burning scent, turn off your heat pump immediately to prevent further damage. If the motor burns out completely, you end up with expensive repairs. Call your technician to schedule an inspection and find the source of the smell.

If you notice any of the above smells, take the necessary precautions before becoming a bigger problem. You can also prevent such by scheduling regular maintenance on your heat pump. For more information on HVAC maintenance, contact our team at Leckron’s Comfort Solutions.

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