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Do I need to replace my ductwork when replacing my home Comfort System?

March 15, 2023

It’s time. Your HVAC system needs to be updated. It’s natural to question, “do I really need to replace my ductwork when replacing my home Comfort System.”


Do you have to? Maybe. Maybe not.


Could you get better results if you do? Likely so.


The professionals at Leckron understand the value of your system and the heat loss potential of operating with old ducts. Our technicians will walk you through your system’s setup and explain if ductwork is necessary with your new purchase.

Why is ductwork so important?

Your ductwork is the web of metal tubes found behind walls and ceilings. They distribute warm or cool air to all parts of your home. When your ducts are clean and fresh, the air circulating through them and into each room is also clean. Furthermore, the newer the ductwork, the more efficiently the air will move through your home.


Faulty ductwork leads to ineffective cooling and heating, respiratory problems, increased bills, and unpleasant smells. In addition, ducts hide hidden issues like dirt, debris, pet dander, mold, dust, and even pests such as mice. These all can trigger allergic reactions in your family members.

How does ductwork age?

Although your ducts should be efficient despite age, just like everything else, time runs its course. Unfortunately, ductwork can become susceptible to leaking and broken connections. When this happens, the cool or warm air escapes from the pipes, never delivering to its intended destination.


Why spend money and energy on your HVAC system only to have up to 30% of its heating or cooling energy never reach its intended location?


Manufacturers of HVAC systems know there will be resistance within the ductwork. However, when ducts are not designed or installed correctly, it puts additional stress on the system.


It is like hooking a camper onto a car. Does it drive? Yes. Does it get good gas mileage? Not a chance. Will it wear down the parts and lead to quicker breakdowns? Absolutely.


Your ducts should last around 10-15 years. Perhaps intentionally, that is about the same time as your Comfort System.


When don’t you need to replace your ductwork?

If the new HVAC system is similar to your current system and your duct work seems to be working efficiently, you may be able to keep your old system. However, you likely will need adjustments to connections.


Our trained professionals can perform duct testing when they set up your installation system. This test pinpoints leaks or weaknesses in the duct system, as well as determines how well the current ducts will handle an upgraded furnace. If you have kept your ducts clean, they may be capable of handling the upgrade.

When will you need to replace your ductwork?

Knowing that your system will last about 10-15 years, it makes logical sense to replace the entire HVAC and ductwork system simultaneously. By replacing ducts before significant damage occurs, you are saving yourself future expenses and headaches.


Sometimes, an entire system of ducts won’t need to be replaced, but only certain areas. When our technicians test your system, they will suggest how much of your ducts need replacing.


Here are the most common reasons for ductwork replacement:

Old ducts

If your system is falling apart or the air duct seals, joints, or seams are deteriorating, it’s time to replace them. A telltale sign of deterioration is air leakage, negative air pressure, and poor air quality.


If you are unsure about your ducts, recall most only last 10-15 years at the highest, so if you have been in your home for that long without changing out your ducts, you are likely due. You can tell if the ducts are deteriorating due to increased energy usage, poor performance, or a feeling of reduced comfort.

Dripping Ducts

If you see condensation on your ducts, it is time to replace them. Depending on the type of system, you may have a longer runtime to cool the house. This is especially true during particularly humid times of the year. Our technicians will look for signs of condensation from your ducts.

Noisy ducts

Seeing the issues with your ducts can be challenging, especially if they hide inside a finished ceiling. This is where your ears come into play. When your ductwork is damaged or clogged, they become a bit noisy. So, listen up. If you hear sounds when the register kicks on, you may be dealing with old ducts needing repair.

Energy bill increasing

The harder your system has to work, the more energy it uses. Your energy bill will reflect this increase. Check your air filter and change it if it is due. If your bill is still high, call us, and we will send our professionals to test your ducts.

Air Quality Issues or Dirty Ducts

If animals decide to make a home in your ducts, they could damage the system, not to mention leave allergens along the way. Pet dander builds up in ducts, as does dirt, pathogens, and grime. And that’s not all.


Mold lurks in air ducts waiting to recirculate throughout your house, putting your family at risk every time the AC kicks on. Make a note of any smells coming from your ductwork. This is a clue you need to replace your ducts.

Decreased Airflow

Have you noticed certain rooms no longer get the same airflow they once did? This inconsistency could be due to old, damaged, leaking, or clogged ductwork. Pay attention to rooms that no longer receive proper heating and cooling. It is a sign your system, including your ductwork, may need an overhaul.

Damaged Ducts

Dents, punctures, tears, or the like prevent your HVAC unit from delivering air throughout your house. In fact, it can drastically alter the ability of your system to do its job. If you can see any damage to your vents, it is time to call Leckron.

Poor Design

A poor installation job or improper design is one of the leading causes of ineffective heating and cooling of your house. Even with the best HVAC system, the heat and AC will only travel well throughout your home if the design is good.


Think of water flowing through pipes. If there are lots of kinks and bends, the water may still flow, but it could be slow and use additional energy to make it through the web of bends. Ductwork is the same, except the longer it takes for the air to reach a room, the more heat/cooling energy is lost.

Why get a new Comfort System and Ductwork?

As technology advances, more energy-efficient solutions are popping up. Their designs and functions have the potential to save homeowners quite a bit of money in energy.


The best way to maximize energy and comfort is to ensure your ductwork is clean and fitted to your new system. Leaks, cracks, and dents cause the warm or cool air to escape, not reaching the areas of your home.


While our technicians can fit your unit to your ductwork, if you want to capitalize on the advantages of a new Comfort System, consider replacing your ductwork.

Leckron is here for you

Replacing your ductwork is probably the last thing on your mind. Don’t worry – that is where we come into the picture.


Using years of experience, our technicians test your ducts with your new system to determine if they need replacing. We look for the signs of failing ducts and help you with options to fit your home and budget.


With the humid summer season and chilly winters, ensure your unit and ducts are ready for the demands of Pennsylvania days. Call us for a check-up today!


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