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How to Troubleshoot a Broken Heat Pump in Quincy, PA

April 14, 2021

A heat pump is among the most crucial systems to provide a cool atmosphere during spring. Basic troubleshooting tips are vital to diagnosing heat pump problems before they turn into expensive repairs. Here is a handy guide to troubleshoot the heat pump system in your Quincy, PA, house.

Heat Pump System Not Cooling Efficiently

With the climbing temperatures, a heat pump that produces warm air can be quite uncomfortable. Your heat pump could also be blowing insufficient amounts of cool air, affecting your comfort.

To fix this issue, first ensure that your thermostat is in the “cool” setting. If this problem persists, you could be dealing with a faulty thermostat. An HVAC specialist will repair or replace your thermostat to restore effective air conditioning.

Insufficient refrigerant levels also contribute to poor cooling. If you suspect a possible leak in the refrigerant lines, seek professional assistance right away. Additionally, make sure to install clean filters and remove debris within the coils and outdoor unit.

Heat Pump Not Starting

If your heat pump doesn’t start upon turning it on, in-depth servicing is necessary. This problem arises due to electrical issues within the power supply or heat pump system.

If the power supply is okay, but your heat pump doesn’t come on, check whether your thermostat displays the proper operational mode. Additionally, confirm if your system has any melted fuses or tripped circuit breakers.

DIY repairs on the heat pump’s wiring circuits are quite dangerous. Ensure you consult an HVAC expert to fix electrical heat pump issues.

Heat Pump Producing Strange Sounds

Unusual heat pump sounds are annoying to the ears and disrupt your peace. Failing to repair loud heat pump noises could cause unforeseen system failures.

The primary reasons for these noises include unfastened hardware components and a loose heat pump cover. Routine maintenance ensures appropriate positioning of all parts, enhancing smooth heat transfer.

Contact Leckron’s Comfort Solutions for top-notch heat pump installation and replacement services. We deliver exceptional services to keep your rooms comfortable all spring.

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